Plan for Upperchurch Wind Farm

Ecopower Developments Ltd has submitted a planning application for development to facilitate the construction and operation of the already consented (but not built) Upperchurch Wind Farm.

The plan includes a) 17.9km of internal wind farm cabling; b) 13 haul route works to facilitate the haulage of turbine components to the Upperchurch Wind Farm site; c) one telecom relay pole, measuring 18m in height, with telecoms relay equipment attached; d) three realigned wind farm roads; e) one change of use of an existing 'Agricultural' entrance to 'Agricultural and Forestry' entrance; and f) ancillary works.

The application centres on the townlands of Graniera, Shevry, Gleninchnaveigh, Coumnageeha, Knocknamena Commons, Knocknabansha, Knockmaroe, Knockcurraghbola Commons, Knockcurraghbola, Crownlamds, Foilnaman and Grousehall.

An Environmental Impact Assessment report and Natura Impact Statement have been prepared in respect of this application. Tipperary Co Council is to make a decision by September 10th next.