Kevin Costello (Costello Oil) presenting the surplus of €950 to John Sherlock (Order of Malta) with the newly-installed community defibrillator at Costellos’ filling station in the background. PHOTO: ODHRAN DUCIE

New community defibrillator for Nenagh

A new defibrillator has been installed at Costellos’ filling station, Ciamaltha Road, Nenagh following an appeal by Kevin and Enda Costello in conjunction with the local Order of Malta.

Neighbours in the area were asked to donate to help fund the purchase of the defibrillator, which cost €1,800. Contributions were made over the summer and amounted to a surplus of €950, which the Costellos donated to the Order of Malta.

A potentially life-saving device, there are a number of defibrillators located in Nenagh but, until now, none on this side of the town. The Order of Malta suggested that Costellos’ filling station would be an ideal location for one, covering both the town and country side of the garage.

This defibrillator will be owned by the local community. Proximity and speed of access is crucial in the event of someone needing the device, but there is no point in having a defibrillator unless people are trained to use it, though the device will talk users through the procedure. If anyone is interested in training, they can leave their name and number at Costellos’. A training course takes about two-to-three hours and would be conducted at the filling station. The ongoing maintenance of the defibrillator will be covered by the Costellos.

Kevin and Enda hoped people would think this is a worthwhile idea, as if a defbrillator saves even one person’s life, it would be priceless.