The past two years of Sixth Year and LCA school life has been challenging for students.

Best of luck to our Leaving Cert students

The Leaving Cert gets underway today.

ASTI President Ann Piggott has sent a message of good luck to the candidates sitting the 2021 Leaving Cert written exams in the coming weeks.

“I wish all the candidates sitting the written exams the very best of luck. The past two years of your school life has been challenging and you have shown tremendous resilience.”

Ms Piggott said the running of the Leaving Cert written exams provides some certainty for many students during this unpredictable period:

“While you have experienced significant disruption and uncertainty during your last two years of school, you can now look forward to the next stage of your life. Your job in the coming weeks is to look after yourself. Pace yourself, eat well, take plenty of breaks and time for relaxation, set aside time to organise yourself, and get plenty of sleep.”

The ASTI President said teachers have expressed significant concerns about aspects of the Leaving Cert in 2020 and 2021.

“Teachers have worried about the level of stress experienced by Leaving Cert students. The calculated grades and accredited grades processes also presented very difficult circumstances for teachers. Teachers want the best for their students. As well as preparing students for the State Exams, teachers believe their role is to support and encourage their students as they complete the final stages of their second-level education. The importance of an independent exams process which ensures fairness, equity and transparency for students has been brought to the fore during this pandemic.”

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