Nenagh Lions Club members are seeking your support this year for their Christmas Food Appeal.

Nenagh Lions Club launches its annual Christmas Appeal

Nenagh Lions Club has raised over €56,000 in the past five years through its annual Christmas Food Appeal, and in doing so has helped over 500 families in our community at this challenging time of year.

This year, due to Covid-19, the club is looking at alternative ways to raise funds. While traditionally the club has relied mainly on street and shop bucket collections, this Christmas the club has launched the following initiatives:

⦁ The club is contacting local businesses asking them to donate to Nenagh Lions Club instead of giving gifts to customers and colleagues this Christmas. “I donated to Nenagh Lions Club” vouchers are available. The club is seeking donations from businesses as follows: Platinum, €750; Gold, €500 and Silver, €250.

For more details on this scheme please contact club member, William Talbot.

Collection buckets will be placed in the local schools and large offices in the weeks up to Christmas for staff and pupils to make donations. More details on this school bucket collection can be got from club member Martin Slattery.

⦁ The club has launched a Go Fund Me page on Facebook and Twitter, seeking sponsorship of the club’s members who will complete a sunrise climb of Keeper Hill on the Winter Solstice. For more details on this fundraising initiative contact club member Don O' Brien.

⦁ The club is working with PAYZONE to launch a new initiative called “Tap for €2” to replace collection boxes in some local shops. Customers in these shops can tap their bank cards on these specially commissioned payment machines to donate €2 to Nenagh Lions Club. This is a new and novel initiative which recognises the fact that tapping has now overtaken cash as the public’s preferred payment method. For further details on this initiative please contact club member Aidan Ryan.

In launching these initiatives Nenagh Lions Club President, Rose Walsh says: “While proud of its past, Nenagh Lions Club is looking towards the future with confidence in launching these new fundraising initiatives. Just imagine the difference your support will make to some of our families in need this Christmas. Nenagh Lions Club is a completely voluntary not-for-profit club and, all of all funds raised by Nenagh Lions Club are given in a confidential and sensitive way.”

Food for thought indeed as we approach a most unusual Christmas this year.

Christmas Appeal Coordinator, Nenagh Lions Club, c/o Nenagh Guardian, Summerhill, Nenagh.

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