Staff at the Lakes Nursing Homes and the pamper packs that were generously fundraised and delivered.

Funds pour in for Killaloe residents

The community of Ballina-Killaloe have been thanked for the manner in which they have reached out to connect with the residents of the local Lakes Nursing Home to help them cope through the coronavirus pandemic.
A GoFundMe that was launched has led to funds pouring in to bring a ray of sunshine to the lives of the residents who are cut off from their familes and friends due to the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.
The funds have allowed pamper packs to be made up for each resident of the home. Children have been making cards and helping adults to bake all kinds of lovely edibles which are brought to the home for residents to enjoy.
Flower pots have been left by locals on the window sills of the home and funds have reached a level where smart devices can be purchased for residents to enable them connect with their friends and families and the outside world.
Niamh O'Sullivan, a woman from Ballina, who spearheaded the initiative, has written a letter thanking everyone who has reached out.
In her letter, Niamh writes: "I want to thank each and every one of you for your kindness, time, effort and generosity towards bringing this project to fruition.
"On Wednesday May 6th, the wonderful local volunteers who came on board the project helped to deliver and organise the beautiful pamper packs for the nursing home for the residents, and also gifts for the staff, all donated kindly by you.
"The gifts were not tied with ribbons or strings but by the heart strings of each one of you. The bags were carefully designed by Emma, a local Art Teacher.
"Many staff are self-isolating away from their families for weeks so they were so touched by your kindness.
"The children re -watered Katie's, Linda's and Tatianna's, lovely flower pots on the window sills.
"The volunteer bakers arrived on with their lovely - and I’m sure delicious - cakes, buns and tarts... Many children got involved in this, and I believe the residents were seen with big grins on their faces and sticky fingers and looked forward to the days the baking products would arrive again.
"The soft fleece blankets, towels and lovely pampering products were added in to the gift bags, with the best part of the package - home made cards and letters from the local children from Ballina, Boher and Killaloe.
"Bird feeders for the windows and bird food are on their way and USB pens to store favourite movies and music. Nice CDs are being bought and some people are donating pre-loved CDs.
"Planting outside the Polytunnel (at the home) is the next phase of the project. The residents will be able to see these from their windows until the day comes when they can go strolling again.
"As we have raised almost €4.500 in total, we are surplus funds beyond our wildest dreams. We wanted to give the extra towards the technology devices."