Film shoots in nenagh and templederry

Just over a week ago Nenagh and Templederry were transformed into the set for the short film, Deirdre, being made by UK based Joe Southwell whose mother hails from Templederry.

The film, described as an 'Irish Romeo and Juliet', features lead actress India Mullen, currently known for her role in Red Rock. She was joined by Sean Doyle, who plays Callum in Fair City for just over a week of filming in the Nenagh area.

The two actors worked alongside a local cast that included Seb Moore, Elaine Fox, Michael Mullen, Ryan McGrath and Martin Grace to create what is being described as 'a moving and truly beautiful film'.

Jo Southwell says she is currently talking to the Irish Film Board, local arts councils and Tipperary County Council to enlist their financial help to make a feature film based on the short film now being made.

Catherine Morshead, a director of Downton Abbey, has come on board as executive producer and co-director for the planned feature film.

Jo Southwell has said she would like to return to Nenagh and Templederry to shoot the feature film. 'Not only because of my family connections to the area, but the locations are perfect for the story and we have already found some really great local talent that I would like to include in the feature,' she said.

Ms Southwell said making a feature film would provide greate opportunities for local businesses, actors and financial investors. 'Having  now filmed in Templederry and Nenagh I can't imagine working anywhere else for this film,' she said.

The short film, Deirdre, will have a screening in Nenagh and London later this year and will subsequently be  entered in film festivals around the world.

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