This image on the North Tipperary for Equality Facebook page has been seen by 30,000 people nationally and has garnered over 600 'Likes' in 24 hours.

New equality groups forms in north tipperary

A new group called 'North Tipperary for Equality' has formed in Roscrea and is campaigning for a Yes vote across the North Tipperary area.
Damien McKelvey, an openly gay man from Roscrea, who is in a relationship, founded the group along with Stephen Glynn and Karen Eastwood, a Roscrea couple who believe that when they marry next year they should be do so on equal footing with anyone else in Ireland, regardless of gender or orientation.
The group has started a popular photo campaign on Facebook, which includes a photo that captures an individual's thoughts and a message as to why they will be voting Yes in the referendum.
Karen, the photographer and group campaign manager, says her aim for the group is to promote equality throughout North Tipp, showing people of all ages and backgrounds why the Yes vote is important to them. She also wants to highlight the differences between civil partnership and civil marriage. What she thinks of the referendum: “It will change the lives of so many people, presently and in the future.”
Damien, the chairman of the group, says marriage equality to him is the simple recognition that he, and every other gay person in Ireland, is fully protected and respected legally by the State. To him, this is the final piece in the jigsaw for equality.
Group secretary Stephen Glynn said he believes that it's time North Tipperary shows the country, and the world, that we, as a community, believe in an equal society where sexual orientation does not determine your legal status in love.
The group will be holding a launch night in the next fortnight and will begin canvassing in the next two weeks in the North Tipperary area.