The draft Water Services Strategic Plan 2050 is Uisce Éireann’s long-term strategic plan to support growth, protect the environment and deliver resilient water services.

Have your say on Irish Water's plan

Uisce Éireann’s eight-week public consultation on the draft Water Services Strategic Plan 2050 (WSSP 2050) will close on July 16, with stakeholders and members of the public having until then to make submissions. The draft WSSP 2050 is Uisce Éireann’s long-term strategic plan which is required to be prepared under the Water Services No. 2 Act 2013. The plan outlines the strategic direction and the actions the utility will implement to ensure sustainable public water services for Ireland. Once approved by the Minister, it will replace the existing WSSP from 2015, which covered the period from 2015 to 2040.

The draft WSSP 2050 has been subjected to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in accordance with the European Union (EU) SEA Directive (2001/42/EC) and Appropriate Assessment (under the EU Habitats Directive) and these documents are also published for review on Uisce Éireann’s website ( as part of this consultation.

Providing safe, secure and sustainable water services is vital for our society, to protect public health, support the delivery of housing and jobs, and to protect our environment and precious water resources. Uisce Éireann has a vital job to do and many challenges and opportunities as we look ahead to 2050. The 25-year strategy, the Water Services Strategic Plan 2050 is one of a suite of plans and policy documents guiding the delivery of water and wastewater services in Ireland.

This public consultation presents an opportunity for everyone to engage with Uisce Éireann in the development of our 25 year strategy for the delivery of water services in Ireland. As well as gathering feedback related to the draft WSSP 2050 the results of this public consultation will provide an insight into attitudes towards public water and wastewater services and the challenges we face now and into the future.

Sean Laffey, Director of Asset Management & Sustainability with Uisce Éireann, commented: “We operate in a rapidly changing global environment that will bring enormous challenges for the delivery of water services including climate change, population and economic growth, environmental and biodiversity crisis, legalisation, regulation and policy changes, economic conditions and aging infrastructure. Strong partnerships underpin our approach to planning for the future, with the aim of delivering mutual benefits and value. Through the delivery of the draft WSSP 2050, we will build on the legacy of our local authority water services heritage, working with our customers, communities, and stakeholders to enhance our shared environment and support social and economic development. We aim to lead by example and embrace research and innovation, integrating new technologies and sustainable practices to secure safe and reliable water supply into the future while protecting the environment.

"The Water Services Strategic Plan is an important document that will set out how we will manage Ireland’s water and wastewater services for the next quarter century. This will underpin economic development and housing delivery, while safeguarding public health and enhancing the environment, enabling communities to thrive. We are inviting all our stakeholders and members of the public to have their say in say in relation to how these essential services are managed and delivered, for the benefit of customers and communities throughout Ireland.”


Uisce Éireann is now seeking feedback on the draft WSSP 2050 and associated environmental reports; the SEA Environmental Report and the Natura Impact Statement. All documents are available to view and download from

Stakeholders can avail of two options to assist them to make a submission on the draft WSSP 2050 and are welcome to choose one or both options when making a submission.

Option 1: Complete an online survey.

Option 2: Provide feedback on suggested consultation questions.

Submissions can be made up to the closing date of the consultation period, by email or post to:


Post: Water Services Strategic Plan, Uisce Éireann, PO Box 13216, Glenageary, Co. Dublin.

Online webinars were facilitated in June 2024. These webinars provided information on the draft WSSP 2050 and allowed opportunities to pose questions to inform submissions. A recording of the presentation provided at the webinars is available to view via the project website

Following the conclusion of this consultation, Uisce Éireann will review and consider feedback received from all stakeholders. The submissions and observations received from public consultation will be taken into consideration, and the draft WSSP 2050 updated.