The State’s humanitarian response to the Ukrainian crisis.

Accommodation underway for war-fleeing families

Works have re-commenced on the installation of 82 units, to provide accommodation for families fleeing the war in Ukraine at a HSE owned site adjacent to Heywood Road, Clonmel.

This site is part of the State’s humanitarian response to the Ukrainian crisis, with the Government developing a rapid build accommodation programme for families fleeing the war in Ukraine. The Office of Public Works (OPW) is leading the delivery of this programme on behalf of the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY).

The emphasis in this programme is on the delivery of quality homes, which will enhance local environments. Each site has roads, footpaths, street lighting and green spaces, fully in line with Local Authority planning guidance. The homes are highly energy efficient, durable units with a 60-year lifespan and the development of all sites is conducted in an environmentally sustainable way to ensure that, post development, sites will enhance the local areas in which they are situated.

To identify suitable State-owned sites for the programme the Department has engaged with a range of other public bodies. As part of this process, a HSE-owned site at Heywood Road, Clonmel was identified. The OPW has assessed the site and plans have been developed for the construction of 82 modular family units. The OPW and Sisk are responsible for the delivery of the project.

DCEDIY and the HSE have a licence agreement in place for the site and works have commenced.

This site is being developed to supply modular accommodation for families seeking temporary protection from Ukraine. There are no plans for this site, nor any adjacent or nearby site, to be used for the accommodation of International Protection applicants.

Initial briefings have taken place with local elected members and a joint DCEDIY/OPW community engagement event will take place following initial assessments and confirmation of site layout.

Works will progress on the site over the coming months with a view to site completion by the end of 2024/early 2025.


Further information on the State’s Rapid Build Housing project as part of the humanitarian response to the Ukrainian crisis is available on