Artist Jacinta Glasgow

Dual celebration at the arts centre

This summer, Nenagh Arts Centre proudly hosts two compelling exhibitions that capture the essence of human experience and community spirit: ‘Inner Stillness: Achieving Balance’ by Jacinta Glasgow and ‘Irish Tea Party’ by Tipperary ETB.


Inner Stillness: Achieving Balance by Jacinta Glasgow is running until June 30. This exhibition invites viewers into a serene world where art serves as a medium for achieving mental and emotional balance. The exhibition features a collection of paintings that draw on natural elements and abstract forms to convey a sense of peace and harmony.

“I trained in Jungian Psychology and art therapy and enjoy using my work to expand my awareness. This exhibition aims to uplift you to joy, peace and balance, bringing healing by integrating and connecting mind, body, and spirit with gratitude, acceptance and wholeness,” comments Jacinta.

Pop in to NAC and meet Jacinta Glasgow for a free (drop-in) guided tour during which she will walk you through her process on Friday, June 7 or 14, from 3-5pm.


‘Irish Tea Party’ by Tipperary ETB celebrates the vibrant and communal aspects of Irish culture. This exhibition is a collaborative effort, showcasing the creative talents of students and educators from the Tipperary Education and Training Board (ETB). The event runs from June 5 – July 31.

The ‘Irish Tea Party’ is a multimedia extravaganza, featuring a delightful array of visual art, crafts, and installations that pay homage to the traditional Irish tea party - a symbol of hospitality, friendship, and community. The exhibition space is transformed into a whimsical environment, adorned with handcrafted teapots, intricately decorated tea sets, and colourful table settings that evoke the charm and warmth of an Irish home.

Come to NAC and enjoy those two wonderful displays. No booking is required!