Vixen is a play about a mischievous and fun loving woman, who reflects on her life as ‘the other woman’.

Nenagh Arts Centre celebrates Bealtaine

As Bealtaine approaches, Nenagh Arts Centre is thrilled to announce a series of captivating events throughout the month of May designed to celebrate creativity as we age.

What does it feel like to be at home in our skin and in our bodies? Photographer Noel Shelley documents Tipperary Dance’s performance ensemble of older dancers, Age in Movement. The exhibition traces their unique and vibrant choreographic process, guided by dance artist Mia DiChiaro.

Angie, mischievous and fun loving, reflects on her life as “the other woman”. It is the first anniversary of Martin’s death - Angie’s lover. His family has come to visit his grave. Angie watches the mourners from the safety of her car, hidden under the Yew tree.

Edel Meade is one of Ireland's leading jazz vocalists noted for her stunning voice and mesmerising live performances. Edel will perform a selection of timeless jazz classics made famous by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Peggy Lee.

Throughout the month we will host a series of free workshops with our community outreach artists:

Discover the ancient art of weaving with willow to create delightful creature shapes such as fish, birds, dragonflies, and butterflies. Explore the deeper themes of abundance, biodiversity, and the fragility of life.

Join Sinead Williams and Lara Grufferty for an action packed workshop exploring collage and intaglio printmaking as part of the collectives yearlong collaborative project ‘Unheard Voices’.

Craft messages for change! Join us in harnessing the power of craftivism to provoke thought, inspire action, and create a ripple of awareness that extends far beyond the confines of our tote bags.


Tickets are now available for purchase online or at the box office:, phone: 067 34400, email: