A bride must remember to carry her bouquet as low as possible.

How to walk down the aisle perfectly on your big day

Although the thought of having all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle can be daunting, it’s your job to do the best you can to enjoy it. Here are a few tips to help you through this somewhat stressful endeavour.

The most important thing to remember is that the atmosphere of your wedding day starts and ends with you and your partner. From the very start of your wedding day, you need to be having fun and making it a priority to enjoy your day as much as possible. The entire day will go by much faster than you think, so it’s really important to take in every moment and appreciate this day with your loved ones.

It’s not a race to the finish line, so take your time and walk slowly down the aisle. Do your best to savour the moment and enjoy the extra attention. Everyone in that room has gathered to celebrate this moment with you and your husband to be, so resist the temptation to shy away from your audience and look up to meet your guests’ gaze. When you look back on this moment, you are going to want to remember seeing your fiancé at the end of the aisle and you are going to want photos and videos of you smiling as you make your way towards the celebrant.

A bride must remember to carry her bouquet as low as possible as she walks down the aisle and as photos are being taken. A lot of brides tend to carry their bouquet quite high on the day of their wedding, which doesn’t tend to look as pleasing to the eye in photos or to a room full of people. A handy tip is to use your bellybutton as a guide. Hold your bouquet in line with your bellybutton and it should look great in pictures.

It's highly important that someone thoroughly dries the brides bouquet at least 30 minutes before your wedding is due to begin. Otherwise you may end up carrying a wet bouquet down the aisle, which could result in wet patches forming on your precious wedding dress.

Before you begin to walk down the aisle, you must not forget to move your engagement ring from your left hand to your right hand as early as possible before your wedding ceremony. This is to avoid any marks that your engagement ring could leave behind.

Any bride would want their finger to be as mark free as possible so that it is ready for photos during and after the wedding ceremony. However, this is something you may not think of in the run up to your big moment.

Wrists should also be checked before you leave for your ceremony. As easily as it can happen, no bride wants to get their wedding photos back and realise that they have accidentally left a hairband on their wrist. Watches and Fitbits can also be left at the door. Your steps can be tracked another day, and in twenty years’ time, you may wish you didn’t wear your fitness tracker throughout your wedding.

One issue that can face brides as they are making their way down the aisle, is that everyone could be trying to film and take pictures of them on their phones, even though the bride has already hired a videographer and photographer to professionally capture the day. Although guests can often mean well, they rarely capture a photo that is better than the work of the hired professionals, and guest’s phones can often get in the way and ruin the professional photos and videos. This had led to a lot of brides opting for an unplugged wedding. This is where everyone is asked to not use their phones or social media throughout the day. This can result in everyone being more present during the ceremony.

This has also given rise to a new concept call ‘The Social Media Moment’. This is where guests have the opportunity to take as many pictures as they would like to for a specific amount of time, usually once the bride has reached the celebrant.

Some people also prompt their guests to take a selfie with those surrounding them which can end up being a sentimental and spontaneous keepsake from the wedding. This ‘Social Media Moment’ allows everyone that is craving to take a photo to have a chance to do so, and it allows them to feel included and appreciated during the ceremony. If you are worried about too many phones being used on your wedding day, opting for an unplugged wedding might make walking down the aisle that little bit easier.