The outdoor exhibition took place earlier this month.

The videos in the windows

Successful Switch exhibition

The recent Switch 2023 visual art exhibition proved to be a great success. This year's work featured an ensemble of artists from various different countries: Cecilia Stenbom (UK), Bob Bicknell-Knight (UK), Dave Kemp (Canada), Marta Ciolkowska (Italy & Poland), Patricia Azevedo and Clare Charnley (Brazil & UK), Geska and Robert Brecevic (Sweden and Croatia), Melanie Manos (USA), Timo Kahlen (Germany) and Kuesti Fraun (Germany). The participating writer this year was Nigel Quinlan (Ireland).

For one week only from October 29 to November 5, the work of these artists collagedtogether in the town scape .

The works conversde with each other, with the spaces they occupy and their past and present uses, changing things, shifting meanings and distracting the passer by.

The video works are a temporary intervention into the normal routes of the townscape.