Yvonne O’Dwyer is also exhibiting her artwork this month.

September exhibitions at Nenagh Library

Homecoming: An Exploration of Ireland’s West Coast is the title of a new photography exhibition at Nenagh Library by Jennifer Banaghan.

All along our wild and rugged west coast the force of nature makes itself known. Seabirds arrive to nest on our small uninhabited islands and whales migrate up and down as part of a much longer journey. The story of who we are is tied into the landscape; ruins of old dwellings dot the countryside as they are reclaimed by nature. The seasons test our endurance but those who live here have found a gentle sense of belonging.

One such soul is nature therapist and photographer Jennifer Banaghan. Over the past 10 years, her camera has accompanied her on local rambles and adventures farther afield and the resulting exhibition is a collection of moments spent in this wild and beautiful place. Trained with the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland, the Taiga Institute in Finland and as a yoga therapist with Himalaya Yoga Valley, Jennifer is interested in the human-nature connection, the many ways it supports our wellbeing, and what nature needs from us in return.

“I’m always drawn to the way light moves across the landscape,” she says, “the way the weather moves in from the Atlantic; it never stays the same for very long.”

Our second exhibitor this month is Nenagh based artist Yvonne O'Dwyer of the Evonora Art Gallery on 97 Silver Street, Nenagh. Painting on canvas and wood, and mostly in the medium of acrylic, Yvonne’s work is influenced mainly by nature and culture.

Also on show are her fine art prints and wonderful examples of her personalised art, ideal for christening, wedding gifts and occasions such as Christmas.