Residents want a town which is safe, friendly and inviting for walking and cycling to school and work.

Call for Nenagh cycling plans to be implemented

Green Party's Nenagh rep wants council to act

Green Party representative for Nenagh and Lower Ormond, Iva Pocock, has welcomed the walking and cycling plans for Nenagh in the draft Local Transport Plan and called for their implementation.

“The vision for Nenagh detailed in the document resonates with what people in the town have told me they would like, a town which is safe, friendly and inviting for walking and cycling to school and work,” said Ms Pocock.

“At the moment, 63% of journeys less than 2km and 84% of journeys


In a submission to the council, Ms Pocock said she particularly welcomed the emphasis on making the town’s schools easily and safely accessible by cycling and walking.

“Almost all homes in Nenagh are within a 10-minute cycle of school so it’s great to see the proposed dedicated cycle tracks on all roads leading to schools. I also welcome the proposed traffic calming and road safety measures which are so vital at drop-off and pick-up times.”

The plan shows that cycling rates in Nenagh are below the national average. At the moment there are few cycle lanes, and without exception, the cycle lanes that do exist end abruptly at junctions and roundabouts, with no cycling infrastructure apparent through any of the six main roundabouts in Nenagh.

“It’s good to see the ambition to change this and to create a linked-up cycle track network through the town. It’s vital that this network follows the latest Cycle Manual Design document and especially ensures safe cycling at junctions.

“It’s also great to see the plan to develop the Nenagh River Greenway and extend it out to Dromineer and Lough Derg.”

Ms Pocock also welcomed the proposed weight restriction on heavy goods vehicles in the town centre and the pedestrian-friendly measures at the junctions of O’Rahilly St and Pearse St, and Abbey St and Kenyon St.