The programme-makers want to hear from couples who are news lovers, as well as families and telly-addicted members of the clergy!

Gogglebox Ireland seeking television fanatics!

Gogglebox Ireland will be returning to Virgin Media Television this autumn and we are on the lookout for Ireland’s wittiest and most opinionated telly fanatics to join the new season!

In a show where you sit and watch the TV, with other people sitting and watching TV, there has never been a show that had as many viewers thinking to themselves: “I could do that...”

Well, if you reckon you could be as entertaining to watch on telly talking about different programmes, then you'll be happy to hear, we are looking for new households to take part!

We are on the lookout for groups of older life-long friends who love nothing more than chatting about what they watch on the box.

We’re also interested to hear from couples who are news lovers, as well as families. We also want to hear from telly-addicted members of the clergy!

We want to hear from everyone across the country who have plenty to say about the world of television and want to join us in having a laugh. So if you are just as gripped by the ‘First Dates’ as you are by ‘The Sunday Game,’ and you know your Daniel O’Connell from your Daniel O’Donnell, why not apply?


Email with your contact details and with details of who is in your gang, where you're based, what you like to watch together and a photo of you all together if possible.

The process is still open to everyone across the country between now and the middle of August. You might just find yourself joining the nation’s funniest TV fans.