Recording the field names of Lorrha and Dorrha

Lorrha and Dorrha Historical Society is holding a Field Name Survey information night presented by Helen Fox on Friday, January 27, at 8pm in 'The Shed' at The Friar's Tavern, Lorrha.

Helen and the Kilbarron and Terryglass Historical Society have successfully started their Field Name Project, so her experience will be greatly appreciated. The society will spearhead this project and aims to record the ‘Field Names’ of our parish with their history, features, name origin and folklore.

Due to changing farming and ownership patterns in rural society, the need to record the field names, folklore and features of our fields has become a matter of urgency. Much of the information is being carried in folk memory and is at risk because of the diminishing population of farmers and rural dwellers. Developments such as field amalgamations and modern farming practices are also bringing huge changes to the rural landscape. Old field names and valuable local history is easily lost with all this change process.

With the help of the parish's farmers and landowners, the society hopes to record all this information.