Jim Gully, surrounded by members of the community at Killoscully on his final Sunday morning visit after 18 years in their gesture of thanks and appreciation.

Community ‘thank you’ to Jim

End of an era in Killoscully

There was an emotional farewell and a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ from the community of a small village to a businessman whom they have taken to their hearts over nearly two decades.

When supermarket proprietor, Jim Gully, arrived in the tiny village of Killoscully, nestled in the shadow of Keeper Hill, on Sunday morning to deliver the Sunday newspapers and some essential groceries, he was taken aback to be surrounded by local parishioners.

It was a momentous day for Jim. He was making his last regular Sunday morning visit to the village. It was the ending of the trip, which he had made in hail, rain, frost and snow, unfailingly every Sunday morning for 18 years.

For the community, they were saddened to be losing a service which they had become accustomed to and valued for so long and had now come to an end. More to the fore of their minds was that they were losing a ‘friend’, who provided a valued, reliable and friendly service.

“I am very emotional - I didn't expect this,” he told the community gathering as Jimmy Ryan and Mary Hourigan presented him with tokens of the appreciation on behalf of the local people.

Jimmy Ryan said that the service which Jim Gully had provided over 18 years was remarkable.

“He wasn't doing it for the money, because it would not have paid him to do so, but he was doing it for this community and it was very much appreciated by everyone,” he added.

Jim described the occasion as a mixture of sadness and emotion. He thanked his ‘regular customers’ whom he was pleased to have been of some service to over nearly two decades and “I will miss you”.

He spoke of the loss to rural communities, of many services over the years, and reiterated that his weekly visit to Killoscully, which he always regarded as a pleasure, has left him with many memories to treasure.

Jim took over a lease on a large supermarket and off-licence premises at The Square, Newport, in September 2004, where the Clonlara native has operated a very successful trade since.

Every Sunday he travelled the 10km to Killoscully village with a selection of the Sunday national and international newspapers and also carried a selection of essential groceries, such as bread and milk arriving about thirty minutes ahead of the Mass time in the village.

Senior members of the community were also facilitated for the collection of grocery orders phoned to him in advance and the service was always efficient and friendly.

“I am going to miss the friendship you all showed to me over the years - it's an emotional day for me,” were his parting words.

Jim served his last customers at the Newport premises on Monday evening.

It is understood that a new proprietor from Co Limerick is taking over the continuation of the grocery and off licence business at the premises with immediate effect.