Newport Town Park bylaws on display

A draft of the proposed bylaws to apply to the use of the new Town Park at Newport, presently in the final stages of completion, has been published by Tipperary County Council.

The draft can be viewed on the council web site at www.

The draft sets out the proposed restrictions on the bringing of mechanically propelled vehicles on to the grounds, except with the permission of the County Council, and the restrictions on the use of mechanically propelled vehicles within the park.

The draft also outlines the exemptions to the restrictions on vehicle use within the park, and the control over such vehicles that will be permitted within the grounds.

The draft also specifies the proposed restrictions on bringing of dogs into the park and the control of permitted dogs at all times while within the grounds.

It is specified that no person shall “Take from the Town Park or destroy or injure or otherwise interfere with any bird, bird's nest or bird's eggs in the Town Park or ill-treat, worry or disturb any animal in the Town Park” and shall not “Partake in hawking or bring hawks or other birds of prey into the Town Park for the sport of hawking”.

The proposed restrictions on the bringing of animals into the park and the behaviours of all persons using the park at any time and their consideration for other users are also clearly laid out.

The children’s playground facilities, which for a large area of the park are only for the enjoyment of children up to 12 years of age, and all such children must be accompanied by an adult.

Public events, exhibitions, entertainment shows or spectaculars of any kind to be held in the park are subject to the prior consent in writing from Tipperary County Council.