In all, over 371,000 households will benefit from the €100 payment.

Extra Fuel Allowance Payment to be made this week

The Minister for Social Protection, Heather Humphreys, has announced that the extra Fuel Allowance Payment will be paid this week, commencing this Monday, May 16.

In all, over 371,000 households will benefit from the €100 payment. This is equivalent to over 3 weeks Fuel Allowance for these households.

The Government approved the additional lump sum payment of €100 to be paid to all households who were in receipt of the Fuel Allowance from the Department of Social Protection in the last week of the Fuel Allowance season which was the week commencing 4th April 2022.

The total cost of the extra payment amounts to €37.1 million, which is paid out of the Exchequer.

Minister Humphreys commented: “The Government is deeply conscious of the impact of rising energy costs on households across the country. That’s why we are providing this additional support today.

“We know that the cost of living is a big concern for people, particularly our elderly and most vulnerable. I know that this additional support will alleviate the concerns of many families dealing with these rising costs on households.

“The €5 increase in the weekly payment introduced as part of the Budget last October and the €125 lump sum payment provided earlier this year, together with the €100 extra payment means that low-income households will now see an overall increase of 55% in Fuel Allowance support provided during the most recent Fuel Allowance season as compared to the previous season.”

The minister also said that people who may be depending on a social welfare payment each week or who may be working and on low incomes may qualify for an Exceptional or Urgent Needs payment to help with their heating needs.

“I also want to remind people receiving a weekly social welfare payment and also people who are working and on a low income that, under my Department’s Supplementary Welfare Allowance scheme, Exceptional and Urgent Needs Payments may be made to help them meet an essential, once-off cost which they are unable to meet out of their own resources and this may include exceptional heating costs.”

The €100 Fuel Allowance Payment will be paid automatically this week. It is not necessary to apply for the payment. It is in addition to the €100 Electricity Credit, announced by the Government earlier this year.