Staff absences at Nenagh hospital

Approximately eight percent of the workforce at Nenagh hospital was absent on Monday of this week due to Covid-related problems.

The HSE reported that 22.36 WTE (whole-time equivalent) staff out of a total of 264 were unavailable for work on Monday. This figure includes staff who were Covid positive, staff who were close contacts, staff who were symptomatic and staying at home in line with public health guidance, those awaiting the results of Covid tests, and workers who are vulnerable to Covid-19 and must remain off-site for their own safety.

A total of 554 WTE healthcare workers (out of a WTE total of 4,974) were absent across the six public hospital sites (UHL, University Maternity Hospital Limerick, Ennis, Nenagh, St John's and Croom) for Covid-related reasons on Monday. This represents approximately 11% of the workforce across the group.

The numbers out of work decreased from 675 last Friday, when the HSE announced reductions in scheduled care across UL Hospitals Group for another week (see page 19).

"Our staff are again demonstrating enormous professionalism and commitment to patient care - through redeployment, overtime, etc - to support essential services during this latest wave," a spokesperson said this week. "Our thoughts are with all staff who are currently unwell."