Mary and Julie abseiling in Croke Park.

Might is height for Nenagh abseiler!

On the eve of her 72nd birthday, Nenagh’s Mary Lynch is about to take on her third abseil in support of the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association. She has signed up for the Generator Skyview Tower Halloween Abseil in Dublin, a 190ft thriller that is certainly not for the fainthearted. This time around Mary will be dropping from almost twice the height of the Hogan Stand in Croke Park, which she abseiled from in 2016 and 2019, also in support of the IMNDA.

Remarkably, Mary says she had a fear of heights but wanted to face it down by doing something extraordinary to raise not just funds but also awareness of motor neurone disease and the help that is available.

A childminder living in Nenagh’s Millersbrook estate, Mary is known for her love of social dancing and previously organised two dances at the Scouts Hall in aid of the IMNDA. There will be no steps on the dancefloor on this occasion, but Mary is eyeing a climb of some 244 steps to the top of the Skyview Tower before dropping into Smithfield Square below.

Providing assistance to around 400 families across Ireland, the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association is a close cause for Mary, whose mother died from the disease. She has become somewhat synonymous with the IMNDA in this part of the country in trying to help people living with the condition and their families.

An incurable disease that attacks nerves in the brain and spinal cord, Mary has experienced what people go through after a MND diagnosis and the help that is available. She would like to do more to assist those she is in contact with and hopes to set up a local support group affiliated to the IMNDA, which provides specialised services for people affected by the disease, free of charge. These include equipment on loan, financial assistance towards home help, advice and home visits from nurses experienced in dealing with MND.

But Mary points out that the association relies on donations to make up more than 80% of its funding. Unfortunately, like most charities, its income has been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. She is hoping that her daring abseil will encourage people to support the IMNDA while also drawing attention to this debilitating and largely misunderstood condition.


Mary will be accompanied by her niece Julie in facing the Skyview Tower challenge - the first abseiling event to be held at Dublin's iconic red brick tower - on Saturday October 30. Donations can be made by searching for ‘Mary & Julie’s Abseil’ page on the iDonate website, or by contacting Mary directly on 086 3435371.