Chief Commercial Officer of Vision ID - Kenneth Arthur

Tipp company shows its resilience through pandemic

A Tipperary company reflected the resilience and innovation within the county’s business ecosystem during Covid by devising a smart-technology, automated solution for social distancing and contact tracing in the workplace.

Clonmel based Vision ID’s ‘SureTraceID’ social distancing and digital contact tracing solution managed 3.5m interactions per week as it supported companies across Ireland and the US to continue operating in the midst of the pandemic.

The company is the second to be featured in the latest ‘Tipperary – The Place, The Time’ digital campaign aimed at promoting the county for inward FDI and indigenous investment.

Founded 21 years ago, Vision ID is today one of Ireland’s leading systems integrator and managed service provider, offering hardware and software solutions for wide range of clients, from manufacturing to hospitals.

As put by its Chief Commercial Officer Kenneth Arthur in the latest case-study video illustrating the dynamism and diversity of the Tipperary business community, “if an item needs to be labelled and scanned for tracking or traceability, whether that’s a product, for a patient in a hospital or other care setting, we provide the end-to-end solution for this”.

A dominant player in its market, Vision ID last year showcased its resourcefulness in the midst of the biggest crises since the economic crash of the noughties when it devised the revolutionary SureTraceID solution.

The Chief Commercial Officer added: “We’re a company driven by innovation, always seeking out new solutions for our clients and that was reflected also during Covid when we devised our latest product, SureTraceID - a digital wearable solution that enabled our clients to stay operating during Covid.

“The device ensured Social Distancing in the workplace through an audible or vibrating alert when people came within the advised social distance. Critically also, it enabled automated Contact Tracing, providing for clients to identify any person on site who came within 2m of anyone found later to be positive.”

The company has been in Clonmel from the off, opening its doors in 2000 and today has over 40 employees with growth targets for the next three years.

According to Mr Arthur, Tipperary has been a successful location for many reasons. “Clonmel has been a really good base for us as it is a vibrant manufacturing centre, especially in the cutting-edge life sciences space. That’s a strong sector for us nationally and today we provide solutions to some of the country’s best known FDI and indigenous companies in healthcare, Field Mobility and food and beverage.

“Clonmel has been a superb hub for our after-sales service also. This is a huge focus for our business. The town’s proximity to markets in the main urban centres is really beneficial. We can get to Waterford in under and hour, Cork and Limerick just over an hour and Dublin within two hours. That’s essential as we provide fast and efficient onsite repairs, with many of our larger clients less than an hour or two away.”

He continued: “Tipperary has also been very good to us from a recruitment perspective. There’s a lot of talent here and we have two third level campus in the county. Clonmel is also a place where people like to put down roots, many returning to live here after being some years away so that ensures we have a low staff turnover, which is something that a lot of companies are challenged with.

“The belief that you need to be based in one of the larger cities to be able to recruit or get a job simply isn’t true and our presence here in Tipperary is proof of that. We’re very confident about the future here for Vision ID.”