August will also see a new one-way traffic system in the town.

New car park for Nenagh

Work has resumed at Emmet Place, Nenagh, where a number of features including a new car park are being developed.

Seeking an update on the situation at this month’s meeting of Nenagh Municipal District, Cllr Hughie McGrath said it was hoped to see how the new one-way traffic system would work in August rather than later in the year when the town would be busier.

District Director Marcus O’Connor said the contractor had to go off-site due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Work has now resumed but it would take at least another two months to bring the project to completion. The work includes development of the car park as well as drainage and undergrounding cables.

Mr O’Connor said that ideally the one-way system would be in place in August, but it will now be delayed until the autumn.

There would be plenty of consultation and advance notice before any changes come into effect, he said.