Fans enjoying the music at Joanna Ryan-Purcell’s home.

Cloughjordan mini-festival a roaring success

The Blue Door team has completed their first ever mini-festival, which took place in the family home of event manager and organiser Joanna Ryan-Purcell of Cloughjordan.

Each evening had a different theme, which made each night so different from the other. This was a no alcohol event and the reviews about this were extremely positive; people saying they didn't miss the alcohol; they could appreciate the music more, parents could bring their children; the atmosphere was safe and respectful.

This was a decision made by the founder of the Blue Door Sessions, Joanna Ryan-Purcell. She wanted to make this event about the music and not about alcohol, and it was extremely successful.

Joanna would like to extend her thanks to all of the event crew and the performers for helping her to realise her vision and she would like to thank everyone for coming to the Blue Door Sessions and stepping into the world of Joanna's Blue Door. Plans and actions are in place for the next Blue Door Sessions event. Go to for more information on upcoming events.