The play will be streamed as a rehearsed reading on May 28th and 29th.

Tipp-inspired play to be live-streamed

With digital and online performances the norm these days, the ‘local is national’.  Tipperary Bealtaine, a Tipperary Arts Office project, has commissioned One Fine Day, a new play from Tipperary born Orla Murphy.  ‘Conscious of the exceptional year everyone has had and especially the extent to which the lives of older adults have been upturned , we wanted to consider the effects of the pandemic and lockdowns and felt that a drama by a Tipperary playwright would be the perfect vehicle to do just that.  We,  above all, wanted to create an antidote to our viral gloom’ said Melanie Scott, Arts Officer, Tipperary County Council and commissioner of Tipperary Bealtaine.

Set in Tipperary, the play  will be streamed as a rehearsed reading on May 28th and 29th at The Source Arts Centre, Thurles, Co Tipperary.

One Fine Day focuses on the lives of three people as they emerge from lockdown. Has the experience changed them, their perspectives and relationships?   Meet Maureen (Helen Norton), Frida (Marie Mullen) and Brendan (Raymond Keane).  Maureen didn’t plan on spending her 60th on the top of Galtee Mor with old friend Frida. But after a year with husband Brendan, she’s ready for a day out.  Back home, Brendan is mourning the end of lockdown. Now that things are returning to normal – can he manage to stay different? Unknown to Maureen, Frida has a secret to tell which will change their friendship forever. All three have a mountain to climb. Will they make it down intact?

“We felt that presenting One Fine Day as a rehearsed reading, with Bealtaine in mind, presented us with an opportunity to make the connection between life as we knew it and the new, straitened existence that people have experienced in the recent past.  We saw the potential drama that might come from that onstage” said co-producer Brendan Maher at The Source Arts Centre.

The Source is presenting the new play as a ‘work in progress’  in the form of a streamed rehearsed reading which will be available, online, as part of Tipperary Bealtaine on May 28th at 8pm and May 29th at 2pm and 8pm. Now that the work is being presented in a digital format, everyone can access it, everywhere, free of charge  – just log in to


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