Tipperary TD Alan Kelly is critical of the Government with regard to the vaccine rollout.

Kelly critical of Government on lockdown issues

Labour Party Leader, Alan Kelly, has flagged the pattern of broken, delayed and piece-meal commitments from Government Minister in recent days, where they promise to deliver solutions to problems caused by the third lockdown, calling on the three party leaders to address this pattern non-delivery over the weekend and restore public confidence.

Deputy Kelly said: "Across a range of sectors the Government and various Ministers have made a series of commitments but so far have failed to deliver their pledged solutions. This pattern of non-delivery is concerning, and must be addressed.

"With Covid-19 cases so high this crisis is really above politics at this moment in time, and what we urgently need is delivery of solutions for the people who are bearing the brunt of the lockdown.

"People are being let down, after having their hopes raised by Ministers who more and more often appear out of their depth and incapable of delivering solutions that families, workers and businesses desperately need.

"From mortgage breaks to vaccine data, across a range of areas the common theme is a failure to deliver. Instead of a blanket commitment to mortgage payment breaks, the Minister says people will be facilitated on a case by case basis which gives all the power to the banks.

"Commitments on in-school tuition for children with disabilities, and Leaving Cert students have also been abandoned due to a lack of preparation.

"A bad deal was announced on private hospital capacity, nor is there evidence of any capacity contingency plan for our acute hospitals. We still aren't getting full transparency on vaccine rollout and delivery schedules, instead we get a Friday evening policy shift announced in a press release by the Minister for Health. This is no way to rollout a vaccine.

"Parents who've paid fees to their creches but aren't allowed to send their children in still have no certainty on a refund despite soothing words from the minister.

"What unites all these issues is a pattern of Government Ministers saying they'll address a problem but failing to follow through with solutions or when we get progress it is piecemeal and not good enough. This can't go on, and the Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Minister Ryan must get their act together and restore public confidence."

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