The estimated cost of the construction is expected to be in excess of €40 millon.

Work on new Shannon crossing to start by end of year

Deputy Alan Kelly has confirmed that work will commence on the new Ballina-Killaloe bridge by the end of 2020.

He said: “Following on from discussions I had last week with officials in the Department of Transport, I can confirm that preliminary work on the new Ballina-Killaloe bridge will commence before the year end and that the full contract for the work will go to tender later on this year.

 “Officials have confirmed to me that the project will not be impacted in any way by any changes in Government and that they are committed to its construction in as timely a fashion as possible.

“The department confirmed that work on an advance contract to do preparatory work on the route and design is aimed to commence after the summer and be completed by February 2021 and in tandem the full contract for construction will be put out to tender with a three year timeframe. The estimated cost of the construction is expected to be in excess of €40 millon. The preparatory work to be completed by next February will involve felling of trees, fencing and design works across the 6.2 kilometre route of the project. Once this is completed and the tender is awarded, the construction is expected to be carried out as one project rather than three separate ones for the new bridge; the upgrade of the Birdhill to Ballina R494 road and the bypass around Killaloe. 

“I'm delighted that this work is finally commencing after I first put this into the National Development Plan in 2015. There were a number of legal and planning issues that held this up so I am delighted that we have reached this stage. It is a project that will transform the area and one I have promoted for over a decade.”