'Micro camping' plan for Terryglass

A planning application for 10 holiday suites in a 'micro camping' facility in Terryglass is being prepared for Tipperary Co Council.

Aoife and Robert Moeran intend to seek permission for short-term tourist accommodation at Drominagh Wood, Kylenoe, Terryglass. The development is to incorporate individual holiday suites and a micro camping facility within an existing historic orchard.

Particulars of the plan include seven detached suites to accommodate one-two people with external decking, en-suite bathrooms, kitchenettes and ancillary facilities. All structures are to be positioned on timber platforms.

Three detached suites accommodating one-six people are further planned, also with with external decking, en-suite bathrooms, kitchenettes and ancillary facilities, and positioned on timber platforms.

The plan will also involve refurbishment of an existing dwelling to provide for a reception and lounge area with utility and toilet facilities. There is to be a yoga workshop building to the rear of a reception area, as well as alterations and improvements to the existing entrance from the laneway. A secondary effluent treatment system with sand polishing filter is also included in the plan, along with 14 car-parking spaces along the western boundary of the site, signage at either side of site, and an entrance from the public road.