One of the many cars on view at the RSA event this Sunday.

Second RSA Sprint in Tynagh

The second RSA Race Sprint of 2022 will take place next Sunday 26th June at the Pallas Motorsport Centre, Tynagh, in Co. Galway.

The unique RSA event formula has become popular with competitors and spectators due to the virtually non-stop high-speed action from a wide and diverse range of race, rally and rallycross cars and the fastest growing new development in European motorsport, the incredibly exciting internationally built racing buggies. This is the only motorsport event in Ireland where rally, rallycross cars and racing cars can compete against each other in the same competition to become outright champions on an international specification race circuit.

Spectators can enjoy the sounds and smells of an assembly of beautifully prepared rally and racing cars including flame spitting turbocharged Ford Fiesta R5’s, Subaru Impreza’s and Mitsubishi EVO’s, a host of iconic Mk 2 Escorts and Toyota Corollas with up to 300bhp on tap, an array of Honda’s, Peugeots and Renaults together with a large grid of high revving motorcycled engine race buggy’s all gunning for class and Overall honors.

Several of Irelands leading motorsport personalities may join this event as it is a unique opportunity for them to entertain sponsors, colleagues and family friends.

So, a spectacular day awaits us all at The Pallas Motorsport Centre next Sunday and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy another unique action packed Rallysport Event at this fantastic venue.

Spectators are welcomed from 9.00am and early risers will enjoy free access to the driver’s service area and pits and will be able to experience first-hand the pre-event preparation, car scrutineering the general competitor/organization and competitors build up to the event which commences at 10.00am.

With adult admission only €10, junior admission €5 and Seniors and under twelves enjoying a free entry, what better excuse to get outside and enjoy an early day of summer with family and friends.

For additional information including event highlight programmes on YouTube and for specific event details contact Pallas Motorsport Centre on (090) 974 5147 or The Rallysport Association on (048) 3839 3344 or visit the official RSA website