2018 Tipperary Rose of Tralee Laura Durkan and the show’s compere Dáithí Ó Sé. Photo: Domnick Walsh

Could you be the Tipperary Rose?

Final call to enter contest by February 26

It’s finally back! The postponed 2020 Tipperary Rose Selection Contest now goes ahead on Sunday, March 13, at The Anner Hotel, Thurles.

With great excitement, we are announcing the reinstatement of the 2020 (‘22) Tipperary Rose of Tralee Selection event, originally due to take place (and then postponed) the week of the pandemic lockdown in March 2020.

With almost two years to the day since the biggest event the Tipperary centre had ever planned was postponed, the 2020/22 Tipperary Rose selection will now be going ahead as planned on March 13. All Tipperary Rose entrants who had entered and been published for the 2020 Tipperary selection will be going forward if they still wish. Still, also a window will be open to those who had planned to enter 2021 or 2022 before the pandemic hit. The Tipperary Rose selected that night will go directly to the live TV show (with no regional final) to represent Tipperary and enjoy the week of fun and activities in Tralee from August 19 to 23.

But with some important points of note:

• All Tipperary Rose entrants who had entered the 2020 Tipperary selection - and who have since passed the age limit (as a once-off) will be included for this year selection only!

• The sponsorship has been reduced

• We know that life moves on, and some of the previously published 2020 entrants have dropped out.

• For fairness, and also being mindful of any entrant who had planned to enter the 2021 or 2022 years, they will be allowed the opportunity to re-enter this year’s selection only - this will be confined to a window of application which has a closing date of February 26 to allow the opportunity for anyone as such the final chance to enter ASAP at www.roseoftralee.ie.

• As such, changes of entrants may cross over so that we will be reissuing the previous PR and social media coverage over the next few weeks so please bear with us as we do and be mindful of the rose entrants privacy as any changes or mistakes from old posts may happen due to this.

It's been a hard two years for everyone but also for the Rose entrants (who had this event pushed out numerous times), but they have been supported by the Tipperary Rose Centre team and their original sponsors, so there is heightened excitement for the event to take place after such a length of time, finally. Laura Durkan, the reigning Tipperary Rose of Tralee, can't believe it’s been almost four years since her selection night (due to the previous changes) but is both happy and sad to hand over the sash after the period of time, but excited for things to be getting back to normal.

We look forward to welcoming the public to show their support and finally having some fun at the gala selection event on Sunday, March 13, at The Anner Hotel, Thurles.

More information can be found by searching ‘Tipperary Rose Centre’ or texting 086 3871635.