The former Shannon Vermicomposting site pictured in 2013

Progress with removal of Rathcabbin waste

Waste acceptance at Tipperary Co Council's Ballaghveny landfill site recommenced last September following its temporary closure in 2011.

The empty cells are currently being filled with contaminated soil and stone and wood ash, which is being mixed with stabilised waste from the former Shannon Vermicomposting facility in Rathcabbin. The landfill had accepted a total of around 8,043t of waste up to December 16 last.

It is anticipated that the Community Gain Fund will commence this year and will be based upon the total amount of waste accepted in 2021. The fund will correspond with the amount of waste accepted in each of the previous years (ie, the 2023 fund will be based upon 2022 waste acceptance amount).

The removal of waste from the former Shannon vermicomposting facility in Rathcabbin commenced on December 2 and the landfill has accepted around 1,200t of this waste up to December 16. It is anticipated for 2022 that it will take about 27 weeks to transfer 16,000t from Rathcabbin to Ballaghveny landfill.