The Post Office will relocate to the Eurospar supermarket in the town.

New home for Templemore Post Office

Deputy Michael Lowry has confirmed that Templemore Post Office has found a new home at the Eurospar supermarket in the town.

There have been concerns locally since it was learned that the long established Post Office in Templemore would close, with no definitive alternative plans in place to provide its invaluable service to customers.

However, Deputy Lowry learned on Friday afternoon that a welcome alternative has been found, which will come as a huge relief to local people.

While there it has not yet been announced when Eurospar will commence offering services, there are assurances that there will be a seamless transition in relocating from one premises to the other and there will be no break in services.

In welcoming the news, Deputy Lowry paid tribute to the Hassey family who have run the Post Office in Templemore for many, many years. "They have provided an outstanding service in Templemore. Always friendly, helpful and accommodating, the closure of the Post Office under their care marks the end of an era in the town. I join the people of the town and its hinterland in Mrs Hassey a long, happy and healthy retirement," concluded Deputy Lowry.