Concern over Roscrea housing plan

Tipperary Co Council has received further information on a plan to build 70 new dwellings in Roscrea.

A request for further information followed a submission from local councillor and Cathaoirleach of Tipperary Co Council Michael Smith, who raised several concerns with the plan for Glencarrick, Scart. TD Housing Ltd is seeking permission for the construction of 70 residential dwellings across a series of house types, along with the demolition of six partially-built structures relating to a previous plan on the site.

Permission is also sought for public open space, site landscaping, roads and footpaths, site lighting and associated works in a proposed development that is to be a continuation of an existing, partially complete scheme. It is understood that agreement in principle has been reached to provide seven units to the council in accordance with Part V of the Planning and Development Act.

Cllr Smith - who previously raised similar concerns in relation to another residential plan at nearby Tullaskeagh - claimed the Glencarrick proposal is contrary to the County Development Plan.

In a submission to the council, he pointed out that this 70-dwelling proposal is proximate to two other large housing developments, Whitethorn and Tullaskeagh, with around 300 houses in the direct vicinity. He submitted that the council “must assess the viability of this increase in density in terms of the public health, residential amenity in the area, services and limited road capacity”.

Cllr Smith raised particular concern over increased traffic volume, speed and congestion, and feared the proposed development may endanger public safety by way of traffic hazard. The Roscrea councillor expressed further concern over footpath access, specifically to Corville Road and the local school.

“There is no provision of amenities and facilities in an area which is already overburdened,” Cllr Smith stated in his submission. “In the housing area consisting already of over 300 houses, there is but one creche in the Tullaskeagh housing estate. There is no meaningful provision of open spaces or community facilities, such as a playground or other facilities.

“The application fails to address or take appropriate account of increased housing on the extremely limited services already in existence.”

Last year the council granted conditional planning permission for a revised version of the Tullaskeagh plan following similar concerns raised by Cllr Smith.

In its further information request to TD Housing Ltd over the Glencarrick plan, the council expressed a number of site layout and density concerns, among them concern over separation distance between houses.

The applicant was requested to submit a revised house design, as well as a Development Impact Statement, which was to review the impact of the proposed development on existing services and community facilities.

The council noted that the developer has a stated hope of completing a creche on the east side of the site but that no planning application has been submitted for this.

The council furthermore informed the developer that the Roscrea Local Area Plan requires a Sustainability Assessment for all residential developments of over five units.

Among other points raised in the further information request was the preparation of a Road Safety Audit, in which the developer was asked “to explore the opportunity whereby pedestrian activity/cycling could be directed towards the N62, thus providing potential safe passages for children attending the local school from the new development”.

Further information in relation to the Glencarrick proposal was submitted to the council earlier this month.

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