319 applicants in Nenagh are awaiting an appointment for a Driver Theory Test.

Theory driving tests need remote access - Bonfield

Tipperary Labour Councillor Fiona has received figures that show 319 applicants in Nenagh and 1,506 in Limerick are awaiting an appointment for a Driver Theory Test and reiterated his call to fast-track remote testing for those applicants.

“It's vital that remote theory testing is fast tracked to ease the backlog and pressure on those who are awaiting theory tests,” said Cllr Bonfield, who received the figures from her Labour party colleague Deputy Seán Sherlock who obtained them by Parliamentary Question.

“The longer we go without clearing this backlog, the harder it will be long term. Tipperary is a rural county with limited public transport as it is and the majority of these people are young and given Covid public transport capacity limits cannot be left to twist in the wind. We now need urgent intervention through remote testing from the minister and the RSA.”

According to Declan Naughton, Director of Driver Testing and Licensing in the RSA: “The driver theory test does not operate a waiting list in the conventional sense; it offers appointment slots which are then taken up by eligible customers. The driver theory test service has 54,313 candidates currently booked with a confirmed appointment for a theory test between March 6th 2021 and November 31st 2021.

“The RSA will be working with the service to increase capacity in the coming months to make additional appointment slots available for those whose tests were cancelled during Covid19 Level 5 restrictions.

“Candidates that wish to book a theory test can do so by visiting www.theorytest.ie and can view schedule of available appointments.”