Sadhbh Clancy is a Fifth Year student at Nenagh College.

Student role for Nenagh’s Sadhbh

Fifth Year student Sadhbh Clancy, from Nenagh College and Sixth Year student, Suzane Alim, from Presentation Secondary School in Clonmel and have been elected as Regional Officers for the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union, the national representative body for second-level student councils in the Republic of Ireland. In this role the pair will represent nearly 14,000 students in the Tipperary region, one of 22 ISSU regions. Both students took up their role on January 1st 2021 and have already undergone training, which will assist them in their role throughout their upcoming term.

Both Suzane and Sadhbh had previously been involved, and still are, in youth voice organisations and activism. The Regional Officers plan to work alongside local TDs and County Councillors in their term, and also to grow the ISSU in the region of Tipperary for the year ahead. The ISSU has played a central role in many of the decisions made around schools and exams during Covid, and both officers have committed to reach out to students in their region and amplify their voices in regards to topical issues in second-level schools like education during Covid and school closure and they are planning to make sure student voices are heard at both the local and national level.

Sadhbh is passionate about making positive change for secondary students saying. She said: “I’m very excited to be working with the ISSU and am honoured to be a regional officer this year. I hope to contribute to the great work of the ISSU and build a better relationship between the ISSU and its member schools in Tipperary. I have a huge interest in the environment and would love to help find ways to improve sustainability in schools.”

Suzane says that she is very passionate about amplifying student voice and is looking forward to a productive year. She added: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the ISSU and to have the chance to let students’ voices in my region be heard. I am looking forward to working on projects on mental health and most importantly about equality in schools, as I’ve had a bad experience with both myself.”

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